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NUFACE Trinity Professional Series ONLY available to the PROS.

Award Winning
Gentle, effective, Safe Micro-current technology to Lift, Firm and Sculpt! Works like a 5 minute Face-Lift with long term cumulative results!

Tone the muscles on your face just like you would of your body to ensure good health & wonderful anti-aging Benefits! 

This is THE Personal Trainer for your Face.
AKA "The Red Carpet Facial" for Celebrities before making their Special Appearances!


Nuface Trinity Pro Series Device Starter Kit

- Nuface Device
- Facial Trainer Attachment
- Charging Base
- Conductor Gel Primer 
- Operating Instructions/Manuel

FDA & CSA approved.

$325 each Starter Kit

Minimum Order 3 units


Nuface Trinity PRO Effective Eye & Lip Attachment (ELE)


This specialty Effective Eye & Lip attachment are for those targeted areas of concern. This can reach & treat the delicate tissues on those specific areas with ease.

FDA & CSA approved.

$149 each

Minimum Order 3 Units


Nuface Trinity PRO Wrinkle Remover


Nuface Trinity Wrinkle Remover attachment will encourage collagen synthesis by using safe and effective LED & Infrared Red lights.

This super easy to use Professional Grade Device will correct skin damage and help optimize your at home Skin Care products for full absorption. Products will no longer get the chance to just sit on top of your skin and not fully absorb.

FDA & CSA approved.

$149 each

Minimum Order 3 Units


Effectively treat all areas of the face.

Great Results.
Nuface not only lifts, tones & sculpts your skin, it also strengthens your skin too.
Nuface Trinity Pro Series Wrinkle Remover attachment can also be used on your hands to rejuvenate sagging, aged, worn out skin.
Before and after results.
Convenient Interchangeable attachments to save you space & money. 
Award-Winning Beauty Device.

Compact, Portable, Ergonomically designed Professional Grade Device that fits in the palm of your hand.

No more fussing with the big, bulky machines anymore.
Nuface can be used as frequently as everyday.
Great treatment to add on your your Facial Treatments too.

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